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Build your future by joining Moreld Apply

Exciting careers are built through exciting challenges and among inspiring colleagues. At Moreld Apply, we are committed to a working environment where talents thrive, and where knowledge and experience are valued and nurtured. If you want to join us and enable the energy transition for future generations, check out our current job opportunities and apply now.

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"Here I have the possibility to develop both personally as well as professionally."

– Carlos Alfonso Lopez Benitez
  Mechanical Engineer

"It’s important to take the lead in the green shift."

– Torbjørn Ellingsen
  Senior Business Manager
  Decarbonization Solutions

"As someone who values social interactions, it’s wonderful to see that there are so many like-minded individuals here."

– Beate Meisland Østrådt
  Project Engineer

"At Moreld Apply, the opportunities have come to me before I've really seen them myself."

– Ina Beate Waage Gimre
  Sr. Project Manager

"I still like to call myself a surfer. Having the ability to adjust your day with a flexible schedule is essential for me."

– Magnus Beksrud
   Project Manager Front End & Green Solutions

"You are incredibly well received. You are seen the moment you enter."

– Annett-Eilin Kildal
   Project Manager Operations, Products & Services

"We have safety ingrained in our blood, you carry it with you at all times. I kept saying there is almost nothing safer than working offshore."

– Morten Sandhåland
   Foreman Electrical

Moreld Apply is a leading industrial company

We deliver sustainable technical solutions to the energy industry. We always put people first. They are the core of our company culture and organization. 

Together with our partners in the Moreld group, we deliver technical services and solutions in an environmentally sound, socially responsible, and economically viable manner – without compromising safety, quality, and the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Check out our vacancies


We are flexible and open-minded. We embrace new challenges. We are ready to change and to think outside the box. We continuously improve and create innovative solutions for the future.


We have the will to succeed. We are focused, dedicated and enthusiastic. We are brave when it is called for. We rise to the challenge, and we will go the extra mile.


We develop the potential in our colleagues. We demonstrate care and support for one another in our daily work. We listen. We are inclusive and respectful.


We are reliable and trustworthy. We never compromise quality and HSE. We act with competence and confidence when facing difficult and challenging situations.

Stavanger HQ

Moseidsletta 122
4033 Stavanger
+47 51 63 90 00


Espehaugen 45
5258 Bergen
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Strandgata 40,
9600 Hammerfest
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Warehouse Forus

Gamle Forusvei 12
4033 Stavanger
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P.O. Box 8040
4068 Stavanger

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Moreld Apply is a leading multi-discipline engineering company, specializing in contracts across all project phases - from concept development and studies to completion and commissioning.
Moseidsletta 122, 4033 Stavanger

+47 51 63 90 00