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Moreld Apply has been awarded Gina Krog Low-pressure Production contract

January 8, 2024

Moreld Apply has been awarded a contract for Gina Krog Low-pressure Production from Equinor. The work will be carried out from the company’s office in Stavanger.

Gina Krog Low-pressure Production Project

The Gina Krog low-pressure production project is aimed at maintaining a gas delivery at 30-35 bar towards Sleipner. Necessary adjustments in gas export system on Gina Krog is required to maximize the production from the Gina Krog reservoir. These adjustments will be carried out by Moreld Apply and are essential for sustained production and improved efficiency in the Area.

"We take great pride in how our commitment to excellence not only highlights Equinor’s trust in our capabilities, but also translates into the successful acquisition of these assignments" says Karsten Gudmundset, CEO of Moreld Apply.

“This project award underlines our commitment to optimizing operations, ensuring sustained production, and enhancing overall efficiency for Equinor within the Sleipner Area and contribute positively to the field’s long-term success and resilience. “Nine Andresen, VP Maintenance & Modification adds.

The project's anticipated scope entails approximately 260 000 man-hours, and work has already started, with completion expected by end of 2025.



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