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Bulk Air Dryer

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APPLY designs and supplies complete Bulk Tank storage and transfer systems for drilling rigs, used to keep cement dry and to dry mud bulk materials as barite and bentonite.

The Bulk Air Dryer is an important part of the bulk air supply to a bulk tank system. The advantages of APPLY's Bulk Air Dryer is its Atex hazardous zone 2 certification, the use of heatless desiccant regeneration adsorption dryer to create dew point down to minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Other advantages are its small footprint, and integrated delivery of valve manifold with air flow limiter when air supply drops sharply during pressurization of large storage tanks prior to bulk transfer operations.

Vidar Dahl

Business Manager 913 56 794

Technical Specifications

Air dryer column AD-1000 is supplied with two pressure vessels 164 litre, max supply pressure 16 bar, inlet flow 1000 Nm3/hr, outlet flow 800 Nm3/hr with dew point      -40 degrC, operating/ air temperature range 1.5 to 60 degrC,  height 2000 mm, width 1050 mm, depth 710 mm, operational weight 560 kg.

Manifold typical 2000 mm long, 2000 mm high, 500 mm deep, bulk air inputs and outputs DN 80 or ANSI 3”, internal piping 2” stainless steel AISI 316, valve material carbon steel, actuator material anodized aluminium, total weight including valves and instruments 585 kg

Pressure vessel design, painted  carbon steel welded accumulators, design code according to CE PED (EN13445) fluid group 2, certified by Bureau Veritas.

Desiccant 80% molecular sieve, 20% silica gel. The gel comes in the shape of beads, and three types with variable degree of water resistance. Trade names Sorbeo SGW-L, MS4-L and MS4-M. The substances are not classified according to CLP regulation, and no labelling according to EC regulations. Maintenance procedure for changing gel every 5th year of usage.

Atex certified for use in hazardous zone 2, Ex 3G IIC T3

Electric supply 230V 50/60Hz, max 150W panel 380 x 210 x 380mm, weight 20kg, with Siemens 1200 zone 2 certified PLC, with function to control air dryer dew point switching

Pneumatic control panel 240 x 150 x 360mm, weight 15kg, with zone 2 certified 24VDC solenoid valves and pressure differential control valve for flow limiting

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