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Sack Slitter

SSGD machine
Inside the sieve drum
Sack feeding roller table
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APPLY's automatic sack slitting machine enables hands- free cutting of sacks containing dry chemicals, and automatic feeding into a mud mixing hopper by a screw conveyor. Various models can be delivered with footprint and parallel or sequential operation.

The machine SSGD is equipped with a gravity drum and has a robust and well proven sack cutting principle which follows gravity force to feed the sacks over rotating saw blades, and a rotating drum to separate the dry chemical from the split wrappings of the sack.

This machine is a typical part of a mud additive plant, and includes a lifting table to align the sacks with the same level as the feeding table. Other machines in such a plant are a big bag slitter for sacks of 1m3, several mud hoppers based on venturi eductors, a dual liquid additive skid, and a couple of bulk surge tanks for dosing of bulk chemicals as barite and bentonite.

One model of the SSGD machines is equipped with a front loading system of the sacks, while another similar model is equipped with a side entry for feeding the sacks over its roller table. The drum itself has a length of 200cm .

Vidar Dahl

Business Manager 913 56 794

Technical Specifications

Footprint: W=1100 mm x  L=3500 mm

Height: 4300 mm

Weight dry incl fan & filter:  2400kg

Unit built by stainless steel  AISI 316 L, and supported by 4 legs

Ambient temperature 0- 45 degrC

Atex certified for use in hazardous zone 2, Exde 3 G IIB T3

Electric supply 3-phase  400- 690V/ 50-60Hz, max 14kVA (8 small motors)

Powered equipment by electrical motors:

Two vibrators, drum rotation, dosing screw, two saw blade motors, compactor motor, fan motor

Instrumentation: Sack counter, two level switches

Air supply DN25 or ANSI 1/2" #150, 20 litre/min, 6-10 bar for filter cleaning

Declaration of Conformity  according to CE Machinery Directive , 2006/42/EC and Norsok S-005 Working environment

Noise 72dB(A) (1m) pressure level

Electrical installations according to NEK 400 for low voltage plants, NEK 410 for maritime electrical installations, and NEK 420 for hazardous areas

Delivered with PLC based controlled system (Siemens), and local operator panel, with communication link to Mud Control System, under the DCDA system

Slitting capacity 600 sacks/hour each 10-25kg (50kg on request)

Sack reservoir 300 liter corresponding with 20 sacks each 25kg and SG 1.6

User defined dosing rate and intervals, standard feed rate is 0.15-2.5m3/hr

Ventilation 150 x 200mm duct size

See separate flyers for Mud Additive System, Big Bag Slitter, Dual Liquid Additive Skid, Bulk System, and Hoppers

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