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Screen Washer SSW 1

Shaker Screen Washer 1
compact stand-alone cabinet
Operator panel
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Moreld Apply's automatic screen washer has improved solids control and increased life- time of its vibrating screens which are used by shale shakers for mud cleaning in the oil drilling industry.

The screen washer has adapters to fit screens from all major shale shaker suppliers, e.g. NOV Brandt, Derrick, Axiom, MI Swaco, Fluid Systems, and others.

It is also designed to wash HVAC filter screens which are used in the shaker ventilation hoods above the shakers, and in HVAC scrubbers. This washing machine is a proven product used by a variety of customers over the last 10 years,  and is under continuous improvement based on offshore application experience.

Vidar Dahl

Business Manager 913 56 794

Technical Specifications

•Footprint: W=1325 mm x  D=1165 mm

•Height: 2500 mm

•Weight dry:  1170kg, with fluids 1410kg

•Unit built by stainless steel  AISI 316 L, and supported by 4 legs

•Ambient temperature 0- 45 degrC

•Degree of protection IP65

•Atex certified for use in hazardous zone 1, Ex 2 G IIB T3

•Electric supply 3-phase  400- 690V/ 50-60Hz, max 63A

•Water supply ANSI 1" #150, 30 liter/min, inlet pressure 2-8bar

•Water drain ANSI 4" #150, 30 liter/min

•Air supply ANSI 1" #150, 230 liter/min, 6-10 bar

•Internal water reservoir 235 litre

•Water heater 26kW

•Water pump 30 litre/min, max 160bar,electric motor 17kW, 1174 RPM

•Declaration of Conformity  according to CE Machinery Directive ,2006/42/EC and NORSOK S-005 Working environment

•Noise 72dB(A) (1m) pressure level

•Electrical installations according to NEK400 for low voltage plants, NEK 410 for maritime electrical installations, and NEK 420 for hazardous areas

•Delivered with PLC based controlled system, and typically 3 washing and drying programs, from 75 to 120 sec cycle time

•Powered equipment by electrical motors: High pressure wobble pump

•Instrumentation:  Water level switch, water thermostats Highand High- High, air pressure switch,  oillevel switches for water pump, door switch, temperature gauges, pressure gauges,drain water reservoir float switch

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