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Surge Tank / Cell Feeder

Hinged surge tank
bulk transfer operator panel
Cell feeder with integrated paddle
cell feeder with integrated paddle
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APPLY's surge tanks are used to feed dry bulk materials as barite, limestone and bentonite into mud hoppers when mixing liquid drilling mud.

The advantages of APPLY's pressure vessel are its custom design and certification to fit the rig’s bulk piping configuration and available location in the sack room, an inward hinged manhole which is minimizing waste of dust to the environment when inspecting the tank.

Canvas mats instead of nozzles aerate the bulk material and avoid bridges to build inside the tank. The cell feeder with speed controlled electric motor assures an accurate dosage of bulk material.

Vidar Dahl

Business Manager 913 56 794

Technical Specifications

Typical surge tank 5m3 with net usable volume 4m3: D= 2000 mm x  H=2900 mm. Any dimensions on request. Delivered in cage for horizontal transportation

Dry weight typical: 1400kg

Operating weight typical: 10040kg with bulk SG 2.25

Design code EN 13445 test group 3B, others on request (DnV, ABS, ASME). Typical acceleration 1.3m/sec2 or according to vessel specifications

Ambient temperature -5 to +50 degrC

Operating pressure typical 4.5- 5.5bar (60- 80psi), design pressure 6.2bar (90psi)

Ports DN or ANSI: Filling 5”, ventilation 5”, aeration 2”, gravity discharge 10- 20”, optional discharge 5”, pressure gauge G1”, pressure transmitter G1”, high level switch G1.5”, relief valve 1.5”, manual sounding 2”, manway Ø600mm

Atex certified for use in hazardous zone 2, Ex 3 G IIB T3

Electric supply 3-phase  400- 690V/ 50-60Hz, for cell feeder motor 2.2kW

Bulk air supply 2" #150 (PN10) sch 40, max 9-12Nm3/min, 4.5-5.5bar

Declaration of Conformity  according to CE Machinery Directive, CE PED, Atex and Norsok S-005 Working environment

Request delivery with Siemens PLC based controlled system, and Windows PC based touch screens and Human Machinery Interface (HMI) for total Bulk Storage and Transfer System control

Networked system with communication protocols to the rig’s Drilling Control and Data Acquisition (DCDA) system with shore based monitoring and cloud interfacing according to company’s specifications

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