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Design of Test Loop and Control System for Pump Qualification

Client is qualifying a multiphase booster pump which is considered a game changer in the subsea industry. It requires 50% less footprint both subsea and topside, it is barrier-fluid-less and it is modular and scalable with 1MW building blocks.

The pump will be in the water filled pit and will drive the fluids through the loop. The associated equipment to be designed by Apply will be located dry on the side of the pit including test loop piping, choke-, control- and remotely operated valves, flow metering, separator, liquid heater and cooler, sensors, fluid distribution systems. The study includes test loop control system where the controls container will include test loop and MCP HMI (Human Machine Interface).

Scope of work includes:

  • Test loop for qualification of Compact Pump
  • Test loop shall be designed in modules for disassembly and reuse
  • Process / Flow analysis to design the test loop for different test mediums
  • sizing of all associated equipment.

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