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Products and Technology

Vidar Dahl

Business Manager 913 56 794

Moreld Apply as a large integrator and contractor in complex projects deals with a wide range of products and solutions delivered from large and small dedicated suppliers of niche products. But as an integrated part of Moreld Apply we also deliver product packages of different type for own projects or to external clients. 

Our main value in such deliveries are technology integration with smart automation. Many of the products and solutions is related to processing/transportation of dry masses and slurries.

Moreld Minox as a subsidiary of Moreld Apply operates as a technology focused company with primary focus on water and gas treatment technology across all markets, including among others; Oil&Gas, hydrogen and CO2. 


Operation Excellence & Academy 

APPLY Operation Excellence & Academy delivers support material and fundamental applications for operations of complex facilities, including training material, operation procedures, system descriptions, e-Learning, visualization solutions, competence management, facilitation of training and much more. 

With more than 30 years' experience, the unit seeks to assist with coordinating as well as visualizing your operational documentation, training material and competence 

requirements efficiently. We offer smart and intuitive interfaces and applications for organizing document material as well as customized courses, suited to our customers profile and requirements. 

We have expertise in both new builds and older installations. Regardless of the project we are working on, we like to embrace new ideas and continuously improve our products and services. Our main service structure includes: 

  • Development and updates of operational procedures, system descriptions and manuals 
  • Training material - OJT, e-Learning, PowerPoint courses, animations, customized 3D-videos 
  • Development and updates of illustrations such as system drawings, detailed equipment drawings, overview drawings, Max P&ID drawings, P&IDs and SCDs 
  • Competence Management (competence matrix, course planning, facilitation of training, instructors, LMS-system Interfaces, Development of content)

Utility Products & Solutions

Custom products by integrating technology with custom & smart automation

  • Products & Automation solutions
  • System & Technology Integrator
  • Full services from design to aftermarket
  • Design and layout deliveries
  • Solutions and system deliveries
  • Custom design of local control systems
  • Specialist support for control systems and technology

Vidar Dahl

Business Manager 913 56 794

Vidar Dahl

Business Manager 913 56 794
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Vidar Dahl

Business Manager 913 56 794
Products and Technology
Moreld Apply is a leading multi-discipline engineering company, specializing in contracts across all project phases - from concept development and studies to completion and commissioning.
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